Friday, October 2, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Two: That Picture

Today's challenge was to write a cinematic poem. The exercise was to watch a favorite music video in mute (and no captions) and see what can be inspired. With a busy day at work and commuting to and from, I thought that I'd write about pictures...but in a different way.
Again, critiques are welcome.

That Picture

There had never been a prettier day
Or a much better time that year
Two years ago today...

I had that picture put away
In an old shoe box, on a shelf
But you will always find it
Framed in the loveliest frosted glass frame

That picture holds so many memories
Captured in frozen color
On glossy paper

They still live in my heart
Those memories
That is where I see them
Framed by my heart strings

Whether captured by camera
Or by the heart
I can always relive them internally
Those moments

But can those sweet feelings
Be felt again?