Sunday, September 21, 2014

Autumn by the Lakeside

Since today is the first day of Autumn, I thought that I would post one of my old Autumn poems: Autumn by the Lakeside. This was written last year for October Poetry Writing Month, and I thought that I'd share with you. Happy Autumn! 

Autumn by the Lakeside

I take an amble to the lakeside for an evening
where its calm awaits me
I sit and welcome the Autumn with awe
now that Summer days are over and
long gone

Trees once with
leaves of green
are now of brilliant orange, yellow and red
I watch as one leaf
falls slowly, gently
landing on the ripples of the lake
I watch as it floats calmly along
on the water's gentle flow
I hear no sounds now
I just feel a perfect stillness
speaking serenity to me

© 2013 Lita Verella

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Rememberance

Since today is September 11th - thirteen years since that tragic day) I thought that I would post this poem below which was written last week. This is my take, or view rather, of that day.
My heart goes out to those who had lost loved ones that day, and everyone affected.

My Remembrance

It is looking like an empty sky to me
Where the World Trade Center was long ago
No longer are those buildings that had once stood high
I see with my eyes after returning home after ten years or so

I let my mind go back to that morning early
Where it had started out just as another forenoon
Then into those buildings those planes had torn
With smoke covering the district in its gloom

Years ago I remember when I was in my youth
When into the city we could go on our days out
Out of many buildings those towers stood out to me
They were hard to miss on our weekend travel routes

And now this teenager watches with shock and bewilderment
As the story begins to unfold on every news station
Was she mature enough to understand what is going on
At this moment now and how it would affect our nation?

I now visit here as an adult and look at the empty space
All of those memories race through my brain
Once again feeling for those who had lost their lives
And those affected victims whose lives may never be the same

That hateful act has never killed my life long hope for peace
Unity in the world is not a dream or illusion for I
In my view and in my heart I look to fill that space
Now I dare to see hope for the future in that once empty sky

© Lita Verella