Monday, February 17, 2014

Wings of Love

This sonnet was written around 2005, and was inspired by a painting that I had seen online. I hope to locate it so I can post it.

Wings of Love

Flying on the wings of love
Away into the sky with you
We can soar the Heavens above
Over the clouds I'll fly with you

Knowing that you'll never let me fall
Trust will take us to higher heights
With love and trust we'll have it all
In darkness it will be our light

Taking a chance with you I'll see
As your love takes me on a high
How wonderful love can truly be
Until death we are parted by

On the wings of love together
Where love can take us high forever

© 2007 Lita Verella

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Upon Narrow Roads

 This poem was inspired by the April 2007 day trip that I had taken with a friend to the Eastern Shore. The narrow roads by the water, and the hold-fashioned houses were very inspiring. I wanted to draw a picture of the area but did not get around to it. Instead, I painted a picture with words. This poem had placed 28th in the Shadow's Ink Poetry Contest, and was published in Shadows Ink Chapbook Series 2, Volume 5.

Upon Narrow Roads

Feeling the chill of the morning breeze
While driving upon these narrow roads
Listening to the songs of the salt seas
As they dance upon sands of gold

Their songs puts my soul at ease
Such a peaceful sound to behold
Feeling the chill of the morning breeze
While driving upon these narrow roads

Passing by me are many lovely scenes
Small towns with buildings of old
Each with a classic story to be told
To this place I'll again make more journeys
Feeling the chill of the morning breeze

© 2008 Lita Verella

A photo of Hoopers Island by the Eastern Shore, Maryland

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beautiful Transitions

This was written back around Easter of 2007 just after Spring had begun in Odenton, Maryland where I used to live. Trees were blooming with sakura blossoms, and the field had daffodils in bloom, and then one morning we get a snow shower which covered those flowers. Something that I had never seen before.

This had placed 24th in the Shadow's Ink poetry contest, and was published in Shadows Ink Chapbook Series 2, Volume 5. 

Beautiful Transitions

Flowers begin to bloom with many names
   Their colors brightened by the suns warms rays
Signs that Springtime has come again
   And we bid adieu to cold winter days

Just after we bid adieu to winter days
   At the break of day returns the freeze
Snowflakes again travel their way
   Following the direction of the breeze

They rest upon all that lies in its way
   And blossoms with colors so bright
A confusing game that nature plays
   And yet still a beautiful sight

But short lived is the visit of snow
   The sun's rays return sending it on its way
Now this way a warmer wind blows
   Once again bidding adieu to winter days

© 2008 L. Verella

Monday, February 3, 2014


Written in 2005, when I was looking to break free of my insecurities.


Caged, trapped
Keeping myself prisoner
Of my own self doubt
As I see them surround me
Watching, waiting
For me to breakdown
For me to fail

Shackled down by my own insecurities
Caged in, weighted down
By my own negativity
Held back by the rusted bars that surround me
Bars that were created by me

Was I to spend life
Trapped in a world
Full of doubt
I will never grow
I will never learn
I have myself to blame
For the state that I'm in
For I'm the one who lets their ways affect me

I want to break free
But I'm the only one who holds that key
To learn to believe in me
To listen to my heart
And not their lies

And then I'll fly free
Free from these shackles
Free from the doubts and the lies
Everything seems so new and beautiful
Now that I've learned to love me!
Nothing will stop me

And now I fly free

© 2007  L. Verella