Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Underneath the Mask

Written in 2004. This is about trying to overcome my shyness.

Underneath the Mask

Somewhere deep inside of me
There's a place that wants to let go
And break down all of these walls
And allow people to see the surface below

Yet there is a part of me
That wants to hold back so badly
For I wonder if I open up
Will they use what they know against me?

There's a lot of fear inside of me
Don't know who's being phony or genuine
But I know that I take chances
With every person that I let in

The mask has kept me safe
For many, many years
To cover up my true feelings
My vulnerability, my fears

I want to learn to trust again
In given time I'll let everybody see
Exposing what's underneath the mask
Showing everybody all of me

© 2007 L. Wilson

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Jester

This was written when I was twenty-one, when pondering on how I had felt during my grammar and high school days.

The Jester

See that poor little naive girl walking by
She's the butt of all the jokes and doesn't know
She tries not to hear the laughs see the finger pointing
Deep inside she tries not to let it show

The world seems to laugh when she falls on her back
And no one is on her side it seems
They don't see the hurt she feels inside
Because she's a lowly jester, not a queen

That poor little naive girl
To everyone it seems like she's here to entertain
But funny isn't what she means to be
Still, the world laughs at her just the same

She can't handle all of the taunting, the teasing
The foolish clown she doesn't want to be
She wishes that she could just disappear
From all of the laughing faces that she sees

Somebody always plays the role
In a group a jester there must be
I know this to be true because
That jester that you see is me

© 2005 by L. Verella

Photo from Luvdalot Graphics 

Thank you Hyde Park Poetry!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Come With Me

One of my earlier poems that I had written in 2001 when I was nineteen. I call this my "daydream poem."

Come With Me

Another morning has come and the night is through
Still the same old things going on there’s nothing new
I’m thinking of getting away and I’d love your company
So won’t you take my hand and come with me
Wouldn’t you like to stop seeing the same kinds of things go on day after day?
Wouldn’t you like to, just for a while, get away?
I want to share these plans with you, you see
So won’t you take my hand and come with me?

We can leave for just a day or we can leave forever
We could leave for as long as you want just as long as we are together
We can go far away and forget about the troubles that lie in our minds
To get to wherever we want to go we can take our time
I could lay beside you and we could look at the stars and talk the night away
Or if you don’t feel like talking we could just sit and watch the night turn to day
We can go where we want do what we want to do see what we want to see
We can do all of this and more if you’ll take my hand and come with me

We could go to a place where we could be on our own
We could go to place where everyone else could leave us alone
We could get lost in our journey as we walk hand in hand
I could hold you as we fall asleep under the stars on the sand
We could leave our cares behind and together every moment we could spend
We’ll have so much fun and we’d wish it would never end
Wouldn’t you like to make all of my wishes a reality?
Wouldn’t you like to take my hand and come with me?

© 2007 L. Verella

Photo from myxer.com


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