Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Eight: Color Me Blue

Today's prompt was to choose a color and write what memories are inspired from it. I decided to take a different approach and choose a color and write what comes to mind. My favorite color being blue, I decided to choose that. I hope you enjoy it.
This is a draft, so critiques are welcomed.

Color Me Blue

Color me blue
Blue as this big bright clear sky
Endless skies setting my sights high
Makes me wonder how far I can go in life
If my destiny is beyond all that I know
Color me dreamy. Color me hopeful.

Color me blue
Blue as these ever moving seas
Strong, unstoppable and such a beauty
And although their waves crash to and fro
Its sounds never fail to calm my soul
 Waves that sparkle continuously
Color me cool. Color me serene.

It colors me
Cool, calm as bright clear sky
Where I will keep directing my eyes
When I have those sweet reveries
And hope that they'll come true for me

It colors me
Placid like the strong yet gentle ocean
Tranquil matching my emotions
That's the woman that I've grown into
Aspects relating to the color blue

It colors me free
It colors

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  1. Colour Blue painted well with words... felt like swimming into it myself..