Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day One: Fiery Skies

October Poetry Writing Month is back! Hopefully this month will help me get out of the creative dry spell that I've had since November of last year.

So the poetry prompt for today is clouds. Well, it rained all day, and the skies were a flat shade of grey (ooh, a rhyme! Unintentionally though!), I unfortunately I could not draw inspiration from it. Although, I am sure that many of the participants of OctPoWriMo could write a lovely poem about it! :-)

I decided to refer a photo that I had taken of a sunset from 2013, and draw inspiration from that.
Like I had mentioned, I am still trying to break out of the Writer's Block that had plagued me in November, so I had to listen to a lot of Mae Moore (one of my favorite musical artists) to obtain some creative inspiration. I hope you guys enjoy it.
 Critiques are welcome. I'm trying to improve on my writing as I get back into it.

Fiery Clouds

Now gone are the clear blue bright skies
The sky is on fire, fiery skies shift by
Clouds shift slowly but the flames stay still
Shades of yellow, orange and pink the sky it fills
Burning the remnants of today and minutes before
A way it makes for what tomorrow has in store



  1. Your photo has very similar colors to what we see here from the back of our house very often. I love when the sunsets are fiery - great choice!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I also love it when sunsets are fiery.