Friday, October 24, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day Twenty-Four - Moving, Sewing, Writing Stories

Today's prompt for OctPoWriMo was to pull inspiration from the shows, "So You Think You Can Dance," "Project Runway" and/or "Ink Master." "Project Runway" was a guilty pleasure of mine years ago. I enjoyed seeing what the designers would put together during each weekly challenge. Which is why I enjoy NaPoWriMo and OctPoWriMo, because it's fun to see what people come up with with each prompt, I feel the way about LinkedIn's Poetry Challenge.

Today, I thought that I'd touch on "So You Think You Can Dance," "Project Runway," and "OctPoWriMo" and put it all in one poem, talking about how each different activity can tell a story.

Moving, Sewing, Writing Stories

He dances
So fluidly
Free of all inhibitions
Moving, gliding and grooving
Around the dance floor
Telling his story
Through dance

She sews
A vision of her design in mind
She sketches it out first
To see how it may look
To the eye
Assembled as she cuts fabric
In pieces
And putting them together
Creating shapes in a pattern
Of a gown
Tell her story
Through design

I write
Words dance around my mind
Hours are spent pondering
How to bring them together
What message I want to convey
What mental picture I want to create
Often told in rhyme
Words on a page
Telling my story
Through poetry


Thursday, October 23, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day twenty-Three - Speeding Lights/Speeding Life

October Poetry Writing Month's prompt for today was "Another Chapter Begins..." I spent today pondering how I would write this. Are there any new chapters in my life? At the moment, the answer is no. Since my my AVM rupture and my surgery, I feel my life had slowed down, or stalled even. I thought that I'd try to explore those feeling today. While walking home from where I get off the bus, I saw a lot of cars just passing by me, and I thought that I'd compare that to life. I do remain hopeful that the future will fall into place for me.
The poetry form that I decided to use is a Rispetto. I will definitely rewrite this poem next month because there's so much I want to add to it, and right now, I don't how to add what I want to it.

Speeding Lights/Speeding Life

 Large dark space, bright lights
Coming by oh so quickly
Looking as red and white lines in flight
Bright red and white blurs all I see

Those fast lights feels much like life
Daily occurrences is the rife
Everywhere I turn, they're every place
They move fast, but slow is my pace

 This is what life is like for me now
Life just passing by so fast
So fast I cannot find my way around
By me will my life just pass?

Lights so bright I cannot see them
I try to make my way through therein
I cannot see where it is I am going
Where my future lies is unknowing

Will my future ever be as bright
As those that quickly come and go
Those ever so speeding lights?
Don't ask, because I just don't know


Credit: FBCoverStreet

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day Twenty-Two - Red Dot

OctPoWriMo's challenge was to take one of our favorite poems written during October, recording it and posting it. I don't have a tape recorder, so I tried recording my poem, Butterfly, Broken Butterfly on my phone, the file was always too big to send (since I don't have a memory card), so I thought that I'd write a Cinquain today since I don't have a recording to post for you today.

Red Dot

Red Dot
Against the wall
The cat is eyeing it
Charging for it as it's moving

Source: WeKnowMeme's

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day Twenty-One - My Handprints, My Footprints...My Heart

Today's prompt for October Poetry Writing Month was to talk about where our handprints and footprints are. For me, my footprints and my heart are in San Francisco.

I traveled there for the first time in May of 2012 to participate in The Aneurysm and AVM Awareness Walk that's held in Crissy Field. I found the city to be very fun and beautiful. I sometimes hope to live there one day, but that's just a dream for now.

My Handprints, My Footprints...My Heart

My handprints were left thre
Left there in the sands of the bay
The bay where waters and fog collide
Boats floating on their way

My footprints were left there
Left there on the walkways of the Embarcadero
The Embarcadero where I walked days, nights
Pondering, discovering as I go

The city that I had fallen in love with
With its charming sights in view
My handprints and footprints were left there
Along with my heart that is left there, too.


Taken near Crissy Field, San Francisco, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day Twenty - Running Late

Today's prompt for October Poetry Writing Month is to what it feels like to forget something or to be late. I decided to touch on how it feels to leave my house late and speed walk for a half-mile to catch my bus so I can make it to work on time - this does not happen every day. :-) Here's what I came up with.

Running Late

My head begins to race
My feet follow
Down that half-mile route

Neighbors are walking by
Blurs are all I see

Eventually I make it
To catch my morning bus

Deep breaths are taken
My feet are still
But my mind still races...


Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Poetry Writing Month - Rainfalls

The prompt for today was to write on the subject of rain. It's a sunny, yet cold and windy day here in Columbia, so I thought that I'd go on YouTube and listen to the sound of rain to see if any thoughts or feelings came. Yes, there are actual videos on YouTube with rain, ocean wave or general nature sound effects. :-) I found out about it earlier this year when I was just getting into Tai Chi exercises, and needed something relaxing to listen to while practicing those exercises (because my house can be a tad noisy with my talkative roommates, but I still love them, though!). When nothing came, I decided to go for a walk to see what I could come up with.

Last week, it did rain for a couple of days here in Columbia, and I remember taking a bus ride to the supermarket after work, and seeing a lovely rainbow. I hardly see rainbows after rain these days (since I'm indoors a lot during rainy day), so I try to appreciate seeing a rainbow when I do. To me rainbows are a sign on hope, and a reminder that beauty does come after the darkness (or a storm).

I wanted to avoid writing in rhyme (the only form I feel confident in using when writing), so I thought that I'd try a Double Cinquain, the second verse being kind of like a Reverse Cinquain.

I may change the title.


Rain just falls down
Dark clouds just all around
Is gloominess all that you see
Right now?

May be long but not longlasting
Beauty does come after
Darkness in a


Image Credit: Barb Ver Sluis via

Saturday, October 18, 2014

October Poetry Writing Month Day Eighteen - Colorful Leaves

I'm just coming home from a long day out, so I thought I'd write a Haiku so I don't go a day without writing a poem.

Colorful Leaves

Colorful leaves fall
Landing on the gray walkways
Decorating them