Sunday, April 5, 2015

National Poetry Writing Month Day Five - Sunset

Stumped again. I thought that I'd write a short poem for today.


The sun sets tonight
Closing its eyes as I await
Its return tomorrow


Saturday, April 4, 2015

National Poetry Writing Month, Day Four - Still Waters

Thought that I'd write a Haiku today.

Still Waters

Such serenity
Still waters rolling along
As I just stand by


Friday, April 3, 2015

National Poetry Writing Month Day 3 - Can't Dance Blues

I found another prompt for day 3 of National Poetry Writing month for Wild Violet Literary Magazine, and the prompt was to write a blues poem. I decided to go with this prompt because it seemed like it would be a lot of fun. So early into this challenge, I had forgotten that this month was supposed to be fun, and I was supposed to enjoy writing. This was definitely a fun challenge. I hope that I captured it in this poem. :-)

Can't Dance Blues

I'm known as Two Left Feet Lita
Cause I cannot dance worth a darn
I'm known as Two Left Feet Lita
Cause I cannot dance worth a darn
Cause when I get on that dance floor
I tend to cause a lot of harm

I move the wrong way in a line dance
When to the side I glide
I move the wrong way in a line dance
When to the side I glide
Others shake their heads and say
How could she mess up the Cha-Cha Slide?

 When I get out there on the dance floor
It's sure not a pretty sight
When I get out there on the dance floor
It's sure not a pretty sight
I cannot even do the "Two-Step" right

I'm gonna get my heels and my jacket
Far away from this dance floor I will go
I'm gonna get my heels and my jacket
Far away from this dance floor I will go
I'll just do my own dance at home
The pics on my walls cannot judge me you know


Thursday, April 2, 2015

National Poetry Writing Month Day 2 - April

I'm stumped today. I had an idea for today's prompt, was unable to finish, or compose the poem in a way that would leave me feeling confident in it. So I decide to write a Haiku about the month of April, and how it usually looks in my area.


After spring comes in
She arrives with warmth followed
Offering all flowers


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

National Poetry Writing Month - Day One - The Koi

The first day of National Poetry Writing Month - an event with offers an opportunity for me to try to break out of the dreaded Writer's Block that I had to deal with since completing October Poetry Writing Month. I hope to not fall back into that plague again.
Anyway, back to the subject. Today's prompt was to write a poem of negation. In other words, write a poem about something in a way that it is not. Of course, I decided to add my own twist to it. I decided to write about the Koi fish. Having grown up in Okinawa, Japan. I've seen my share of koi. When I was in the hospital for a week at seven (for complications with asthma) I would be wheeled around the hospital to get out of my room, and I would remember passing by an indoor pond with kois swimming around. At seven years old, I was fascinated by their size, and I found them to be unique and beautiful. I would also see them at ponds at the various parks my family and I would visit. I would take a lot of joy feeding them the pellets you can get at the park for 100 yen, (an equivalent of $1.00 US) I believe. I don't quite remember the cost.
As an adult, I still enjoy watching them. Watching them just brings about a peaceful moment for me.

I started writing about what Koi could not do, but then ended in what they can do. I also hope to write in a way where the poem can relate to us, because even though there are some things that we cannot do, there are many great things that we can do.

I hope that you enjoy this. The title of the poem is in debate.

The Koi

You will never see a koi fish fly through skies of blue
nor see them land upon the trees
nor expect to see those brilliant hues
of red, orange or silver
moving about in its branches
nor peaking through those leaves of green

To float about the garden grounds
among springtime lilies...
don't expect this to be what you will see

For koi fishes cannot fly
nor make their homes in trees
Neither will you see them float about beautifully
Upon blight colored floral beds

They were not created that way

But you can always find them
beneath calm translucent pond waters
embellished by lily pads
moving so elegantly, peacefully
with such majestic enchantment
creating a quiet, beautiful moment of tranquility
that takes you away for a time

-LWV 4/1/15

 Picture taken at the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 2013.

Friday, October 24, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day Twenty-Four - Moving, Sewing, Writing Stories

Today's prompt for OctPoWriMo was to pull inspiration from the shows, "So You Think You Can Dance," "Project Runway" and/or "Ink Master." "Project Runway" was a guilty pleasure of mine years ago. I enjoyed seeing what the designers would put together during each weekly challenge. Which is why I enjoy NaPoWriMo and OctPoWriMo, because it's fun to see what people come up with with each prompt, I feel the way about LinkedIn's Poetry Challenge.

Today, I thought that I'd touch on "So You Think You Can Dance," "Project Runway," and "OctPoWriMo" and put it all in one poem, talking about how each different activity can tell a story.

Moving, Sewing, Writing Stories

He dances
So fluidly
Free of all inhibitions
Moving, gliding and grooving
Around the dance floor
Telling his story
Through dance

She sews
A vision of her design in mind
She sketches it out first
To see how it may look
To the eye
Assembled as she cuts fabric
In pieces
And putting them together
Creating shapes in a pattern
Of a gown
Tell her story
Through design

I write
Words dance around my mind
Hours are spent pondering
How to bring them together
What message I want to convey
What mental picture I want to create
Often told in rhyme
Words on a page
Telling my story
Through poetry


Saturday, October 18, 2014

October Poetry Writing Month Day Eighteen - Colorful Leaves

I'm just coming home from a long day out, so I thought I'd write a Haiku so I don't go a day without writing a poem.

Colorful Leaves

Colorful leaves fall
Landing on the gray walkways
Decorating them