Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Eight: Color Me Blue

Today's prompt was to choose a color and write what memories are inspired from it. I decided to take a different approach and choose a color and write what comes to mind. My favorite color being blue, I decided to choose that. I hope you enjoy it.
This is a draft, so critiques are welcomed.

Color Me Blue

Color me blue
Blue as this big bright clear sky
Endless skies setting my sights high
Makes me wonder how far I can go in life
If my destiny is beyond all that I know
Color me dreamy. Color me hopeful.

Color me blue
Blue as these ever moving seas
Strong, unstoppable and such a beauty
And although their waves crash to and fro
Its sounds never fail to calm my soul
 Waves that sparkle continuously
Color me cool. Color me serene.

It colors me
Cool, calm as bright clear sky
Where I will keep directing my eyes
When I have those sweet reveries
And hope that they'll come true for me

It colors me
Placid like the strong yet gentle ocean
Tranquil matching my emotions
That's the woman that I've grown into
Aspects relating to the color blue

It colors me free
It colors

Image from Flickr

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Six: Butterfly

I really liked this month's prompt, but with all of the thoughts and ideas that came, I knew that the poem it inspired would be a long one. And it takes me about a week to write a long poem that I was confident in. So today, I thought that I'd write a Haiku and work on the actual poem for the prompt later.


Being limitless
The butterfly flies very freely
With envy I watch


Monday, October 5, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Five: The stepmonster

The prompt for today was to capture a relationship or a feeling. Today, I decided to write about my father's ex-girlfriend with whom I did not have a good relationship with when they were together. She loved my brothers and sang their praises, but I doubt that she loved me. I just have memories of her badmouthing me to my face and behind my back. As well as broadcasting my mistakes and shortcomings to anyone who was nearby.  I think the only time she had positive feelings towards me was when I graduated High School.
 I spent years trying to make myself into someone that was worthy of her love, put myself through a lot mentally and emotionally trying to do so, until she and my father had broken up.
I could not "show" our relationship, but I just wrote down the words as they had come to mind.

The stepmonster

All I wanted was a mother to love
And maybe love me back
A mother to feel the empty space I have
Is that too much to ask for?

With my teen-aged self
Still trying to figure herself out
I realized that I had to work hard to qualify
 To be worth some kind of
Positive acknowledgement

"You're not going anywhere with me wearing that baseball jacket."
"And you want to like boys?
And have them like you?"
"What guy would want to like a girl wearing tattered jeans?
And an old 1970's shirt?"
"You really ought to wear dresses.
That's what a lady is SUPPOSED to do!"

"Goodness, you're pathetic!"

"You always walk around looking stupid!"

 "You're in pain? Stop shaking about and deal with it!
It's not all that bad."
(She smacked me as she said that.
It had taken everything for me to not cry at that moment.)

I was afraid of saying anything
Or do anything

To prove that I was a mature adult

To be  worthy of her love
I had to be anyone by myself

I watched as she always hugged my brothers
Sung their praises
And to her, I did not even exist
But that was only when she
Felt the need to point out my bad habits and qualities
My shortcomings
Instead of telling me how I could improve or grow

Gosh, I wanted to love her
I wanted her to love me
I do not think she ever did

That's the story of my stepmonster
No, I will not even refer to her as my "Stepmother"
She was never any mother of mine
Of ANY kind



Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Four: Florets Float Through

Sorry folks. I've having a sick day today (bad allergies), so I'm going to have to "phone it in" for today. The poetic form I used was a Rondelet.

Florets Float Through

Florets float through
How gently do they float on by
Florets float through
Set free by dear wishes of mine
Those silly little dreams of old
That someday your heart I will hold
Florets float through

 - LWV

Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Three: Numb

Day three, and I finally feel like I'm being more productive in my writing which is a relief. I was fearful that Writer's Block might keep me from continuing on throughout this month, and I intend to not let that happen.

The prompt for today was to write about what drains me. I decided to go back six years while I was in hardest part of my recovery from surgery to obliterate my Cerebral AVM rupture. So, yes, this is another AVM poem. The first two years was the hardest. Being in emotional pain, sometimes physical pain and having to go throughout the day for work and Church like nothing is wrong. This and the recovery left me numb and drained. Luckily, years later, I am doing better.

As always, critiques are welcomed.


5:47 am reads my clock as I awaken to see I am alive
"X" another day on the calendar since I had survived
Wow...survival...that word now has a different meaning
Strength, survival those words just are not convening
A Survivor! Where is the strength that comes from becoming one?
Maybe that along with myself and my spirit is long gone
A lost and pained little girl now lives inside me
 I do not want to go out there with nothing to guide me
Much rather do I want to stay inside and just hide
Man, man oh man! Is this what it means to survive?
My body no longer feels like it is my own
Much plagued by pains that stings to the bone
So badly do I want to cry by the tears will not come
This room so dark and cold, matches me, so dark so numb
No friendly face, no understanding nearby can be known
But I'll have to find my own strength, do this on my own


Friday, October 2, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day Two: That Picture

Today's challenge was to write a cinematic poem. The exercise was to watch a favorite music video in mute (and no captions) and see what can be inspired. With a busy day at work and commuting to and from, I thought that I'd write about pictures...but in a different way.
Again, critiques are welcome.

That Picture

There had never been a prettier day
Or a much better time that year
Two years ago today...

I had that picture put away
In an old shoe box, on a shelf
But you will always find it
Framed in the loveliest frosted glass frame

That picture holds so many memories
Captured in frozen color
On glossy paper

They still live in my heart
Those memories
That is where I see them
Framed by my heart strings

Whether captured by camera
Or by the heart
I can always relive them internally
Those moments

But can those sweet feelings
Be felt again?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Poetry Writing Month, Day One: Fiery Skies

October Poetry Writing Month is back! Hopefully this month will help me get out of the creative dry spell that I've had since November of last year.

So the poetry prompt for today is clouds. Well, it rained all day, and the skies were a flat shade of grey (ooh, a rhyme! Unintentionally though!), I unfortunately I could not draw inspiration from it. Although, I am sure that many of the participants of OctPoWriMo could write a lovely poem about it! :-)

I decided to refer a photo that I had taken of a sunset from 2013, and draw inspiration from that.
Like I had mentioned, I am still trying to break out of the Writer's Block that had plagued me in November, so I had to listen to a lot of Mae Moore (one of my favorite musical artists) to obtain some creative inspiration. I hope you guys enjoy it.
 Critiques are welcome. I'm trying to improve on my writing as I get back into it.

Fiery Clouds

Now gone are the clear blue bright skies
The sky is on fire, fiery skies shift by
Clouds shift slowly but the flames stay still
Shades of yellow, orange and pink the sky it fills
Burning the remnants of today and minutes before
A way it makes for what tomorrow has in store