Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day One - Butterfly, Broken Butterfly

It's the first day of October Poetry Writing Month, and as always the first day is a struggle for me! But I managed to get something written. This is a poem based on my AVM experience. After my rupture, it seems like life for me has stopped, and for years I've felt so lost and broken. I had to and am still learning on how to live my life with a broken brain - in a way learning to fly with a broken wing. I still hold on to the hope that I will one day fly.
The idea came about after remembering a trip that I had taken to Skyline Drive, Virginia with my friend, Joe. It was the season of the butterflies which we had gone to see. I noticed among the many butterflies that there was gone with a broken wing, but it still flew. I hope that one day I will too.
 Also, the (green) butterfly is the symbol of the AVM Survivors Support Network

Butterfly, Broken Butterfly

Butterfly, broken butterfly
Once on your way to fly so high
A broken wing now your plight
The chance to soar now seems denied

Butterfly with the broken wing
Feels so lost not sure where you're going
That lost feeling such pain that stings
But the hope to soar your heart still clings

Butterfly, broken yet still beautiful
The beauty you still have do you know?
Your wing may be broken it's there still
Your dream to fly will one day be real

Butterfly do you see how far you've come
Through your journey is not yet done
You may still have a long way to go
The course may be bothersome, often slow

But once you get off of the ground
With thriving strength that now abounds
You'll fly twice as higher than before
May you soar, butterfly, may you soar

 This photo was from my friend, Barbara H. I don't know the original source.


  1. Hate to see something so obviously fragile and delicate actually broken... I hope youre right about the soaring part! Nicely done also as a metaphor... thanks for the poem.

  2. I like the imagery. Butterfly are fragile, and it's a reminder that we as people can also be fragile. But, I love the hope that springs from whence you were broken and can fly again. So, I get a little poetic now and then. :-)

  3. I hope you soar too Lita. Thank you for sharing with OctPoWriMo.

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  5. Beautiful poem.

    I hope that your wing mends and you get to soar to those places you've always wanted to reach, both physical and metaphorical.

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! :-)

  7. Lita, I so admire this brave and touching poem. The broken butterfly’s plight is a beautiful metaphor for the struggle people face getting their lives back on track following an injurious condition such as AVM. The realisation that they are still beautiful, still special, and yes, still have a future to live, a future full of all the things that make life worthwhile. Yes, like the butterfly, rejecting despair in favour of hope, courage and belief, they might yet fly, even soar – YES!

    Fond regards, always,


    1. Thanks so much Paul! I appreciate your visiting me. I'll be sure to visit you again soon! Best, Lita