Sunday, October 5, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day Five - Autumn's Sonnet

Today's prompt was to write a poem about the Autumn Season. While I waited on my ride to take me to the second session of General Conference, I spent a lot of time looking out of my window. Now Autumn may be here in my town season-wise and weather-wise, but visually, it's not quite here yet. Most of the leaves are still green. But I saw some (a few, rather) in the parking lot of my complex fly and swirl as the wind blew. I thought, why not write up Autumn as a person, and that moment where the leaves had flown could be caused by her blowing kisses? Why not write about how the daylight comes later during the Autumn season and make it seem like Autumn is sleeping late?

So here's my attempt.

Autumn's Sonnet

The Summer seems to sleep very little
During her time here quite long are her days
Leaving discretely before the air becomes brittle
Just as quietly Autumn makes her way
The Autumn sleeps a little later than the Summer
Her light for the day may come a little slow
But, oh is she still quite the stunner
Coming dressed in dazzling colors to show
Colors that flow and sway with the wind she brings
She blows gentle kisses so those leaves can fly
Slowly dancing along with the windy song she sings
She offers us those delicate moments we cannot buy
Yes, the Autumn does awaken a little late
Maybe it's so that her beauty we can appreciate

Sending a big thanks
To you, Hyde Park Poetry
It was a great week! :-)
-L. Verella


  1. What a sweet, lively take on autumn! I love fall, and the image of blowing leaf-kisses is perfect.

    1. Thank you, Christine! I'm learning that Autumn may be my favorite season...even though I love them all! :-)

  2. I love the words you've written here. There's a softness and gentleness to them that calms the spirit.
    Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your personal story with me. It means a lot that you felt confident in doing so.

    1. Thank you Helena. Thank you for sharing that poem, it shows how brave you are to share it! It makes me feel good that you said that the poem has a softness that calms the spirit. I strive to have my poem make people feel.

  3. How beautiful! Loved it. .....and I loved the title "Autumn's Sonnet". :)

    1. Thank you Payal, for your kind comments and your suggestion of the title! :-)

  4. Sorry that my prompt was tricky for you, but I'm glad you wrote a response. I like the personification of the seasons. I think I prefer Autumn's Sonnet as well.

    1. Tamara, please don't apologize. Challenges are tough for me, but they are good for me as well. They cause me to dig deep and see how I can meet them. Thank you for your comment. "Autumn's Sonnet" it is!

  5. Lita,

    At the first reading, I liked this poem very much. At the second, I loved it.

    Autumn is my favourite season with its gorgeous colours and wistful air, shiny brown conkers reminding me of my boyhood in the ‘50s, when the world was a different place. But here I find the spirit of autumn personified. I see her as a woman of beauty and grace, a woman I’d dance the bolero with, though probably not a rumba!

    A stunning sonnet. I shall remember it.



  6. charming imagery, the style you choose is impressive.

  7. autumn is such a festival season, the poetry on it is always mature and satisfying.

  8. love your blog,

    write more, and share with us more.

  9. lovely seashells on beach beside your poem,
    thanks for sharing part of your poetic talents here.


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