Thursday, October 2, 2014

OctPoWriMo Day Two - Two Many Strings

I hope that as this month goes along, I will get into the swing of things. :-) The prompt for today was the number two. I decided to rewrite a poem that I had written in June of this year, which I had planned on rewriting. The poem is "Two Many Strings" inspired by a Gypsy Jazz rendition of "The Breeze and I" by the Hot Club of San Francisco. If you have a Rdio account, you can listen to it through this link.

It is difficult to put such beauty as that song into words. But this is my attempt.

Two Many Strings

Just the two of us with our many strings
Which we bring as we enter the empty auditorium
I with my acoustic and you with your violin
We begin with a simple rhythm, unsure what what we'll play
Nevertheless we play along into our song's beginning
You with a strong stroke against your strings of four
Bringing along the drama and smooth vivacity
Me on my strings of six do I strum along
Bringing along a quiet romance and subtlety
The two of us with each our different sound
At our best together creating one beautiful song
All from our many strings
The melody of our song, so enchanting, so serene
The gentleness of the sound floats around this empty room
Allowing for our imaginations to run free and wild
While continuing the creation of this symphony
It creates a story with no words needed
But how can one put such beauty into words?
These lovely sounds with bringing life to the silence
To prolong this fluid melody is what we wish
As we get lost in this harmonious  moment
Just the two of us with our many strings
Creating one beautiful song



  1. I like this. I like this a lot!

    I was a violin player for 9 years in school. Itstrikes a spark within. :-)

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! That's awesome that you played violin in school. I always wanted to learn. I guess it's never too late! :-)

  2. I can tell you really like this song. You poem made me smile. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Tamara! When I write, my goal is to cause people to feel or smile. It makes me happy to know that I made you smile!

  3. Lita, with this one I find myself listening intently, listening to the pulse of the poem for the rhythm of the music. And, yes, I do seem to hear something distantly – the strings of four, the strings of six, drama melding with romance – melding in melody, rapturous and enticing beyond time and space…

    Great poem. Good luck with OctPoWriMo.



    1. As always, you're too kind, Paul. Thanks! :-)