Monday, February 3, 2014


Written in 2005, when I was looking to break free of my insecurities.


Caged, trapped
Keeping myself prisoner
Of my own self doubt
As I see them surround me
Watching, waiting
For me to breakdown
For me to fail

Shackled down by my own insecurities
Caged in, weighted down
By my own negativity
Held back by the rusted bars that surround me
Bars that were created by me

Was I to spend life
Trapped in a world
Full of doubt
I will never grow
I will never learn
I have myself to blame
For the state that I'm in
For I'm the one who lets their ways affect me

I want to break free
But I'm the only one who holds that key
To learn to believe in me
To listen to my heart
And not their lies

And then I'll fly free
Free from these shackles
Free from the doubts and the lies
Everything seems so new and beautiful
Now that I've learned to love me!
Nothing will stop me

And now I fly free

© 2007  L. Verella

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