Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beautiful Transitions

This was written back around Easter of 2007 just after Spring had begun in Odenton, Maryland where I used to live. Trees were blooming with sakura blossoms, and the field had daffodils in bloom, and then one morning we get a snow shower which covered those flowers. Something that I had never seen before.

This had placed 24th in the Shadow's Ink poetry contest, and was published in Shadows Ink Chapbook Series 2, Volume 5. 

Beautiful Transitions

Flowers begin to bloom with many names
   Their colors brightened by the suns warms rays
Signs that Springtime has come again
   And we bid adieu to cold winter days

Just after we bid adieu to winter days
   At the break of day returns the freeze
Snowflakes again travel their way
   Following the direction of the breeze

They rest upon all that lies in its way
   And blossoms with colors so bright
A confusing game that nature plays
   And yet still a beautiful sight

But short lived is the visit of snow
   The sun's rays return sending it on its way
Now this way a warmer wind blows
   Once again bidding adieu to winter days

© 2008 L. Verella


  1. Dear Lita, you have an artist’s eye. In ‘Beautiful Transitions’, I love the image of dawn snow settling on bright blossom…winter’s last gasp.

    After our winter storms, the Weaver Valley is lit in spring glory and I delight in wandering the riverbank. Hope you’re enjoying a fine spring too, across the Big Pond.

    Take care,


  2. Hello Paul - Thanks so much for your kind reply. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had forgotten to thank you for your comments on my poem "Startlight!" My apologies - I do appreciate your comments.
    I hope that you're enjoying the spring where you are. It just started snowing here! It's never ending! :-)

  3. Dear Lita:

    Re: In Transit Poetry Anthology

    Some how, we lost all your contact info. We Don't have your shipping address so could you please send it to me via email so we can send you your copy of the In Transit Poetry Anthology.

    Daniel MacFadyen

    Border Town Press