Monday, February 17, 2014

Wings of Love

This sonnet was written around 2005, and was inspired by a painting that I had seen online. I hope to locate it so I can post it.

Wings of Love

Flying on the wings of love
Away into the sky with you
We can soar the Heavens above
Over the clouds I'll fly with you

Knowing that you'll never let me fall
Trust will take us to higher heights
With love and trust we'll have it all
In darkness it will be our light

Taking a chance with you I'll see
As your love takes me on a high
How wonderful love can truly be
Until death we are parted by

On the wings of love together
Where love can take us high forever

© 2007 Lita Verella


  1. Dear Lita – Greetings from the UK, and congratulations on your new blog! What a good title. ‘Colouring With Words’ suggests – and rightly so, I think – that yours is an artist’s poetry. You have a directness, honesty, sensitivity and warmth I find genuinely captivating and affecting – ‘The Jester’ tugs my heartstrings especially.

    Good luck with the blog, and take care.

    Sincerely yours,


    1. Thank you very much for the kind comments, Paul! I owe you another thank you - for your donation, and I owe you an email. I will visit you to read your new blog post soon. :-)

      Greetings from Columbia, Lita.