Monday, August 4, 2014

Diamond Falls...and an Update!

Well clearly I didn't make it through NaPoWriMo since a couple of things had come up during the month of April. Luckily, the prompts are still up on their website, so I can write poems inspired by those prompts and catch up. I hope to fare better during OctPoWriMo.

Today, I thought that I'd share one of my older poems, "Diamond Falls." That poem was inspired by a 2007 trip that I had taken to Pennsylvania to see the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen and Bushkill. Under the sunny sky the the waterfalls seemed like diamonds as they were glimmering under the sunlight. I thought that I'd post it because it will be published in the anthology, "The View from Here: Poetry to Help You Soar" this fall which has me excited and humbled. With that, I plan to publish a book of poems sometime in the next couple of years. We'll see how that goes.


Diamond Falls

Little diamond rivulets falling down
Making such a peaceful sound
From rocks to shallow waters it hits
Falling down little diamond rivulets

They shimmer beneath the sun
Traveling down the stream one by one
Kissed by the sunlight as they glimmer
Beneath the sun they shimmer

A placid picture all around
From the falls to the stony grounds
To the trees on a canvas of azure
All around a placid picture

© 2008 L. Verella

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